[Application Guidelines of The 71st Tohoku Univ.’s Festival Theme Song]

Recruiting theme songs!

The theme song of the Univ.’s Festival will be recruited from within the university this year too.

The theme song will be judged first in the Festival Committee, and then decided based on the results of web voting by the general public. We may sort out the songs that do not meet the following recruitment conditions in the primary screening.  Please be aware in advance.

Therefore, please be sure to read the following recruitment conditions.

We are waiting for your application!

Recruitment conditions

<Contents for Recruiting> The 71st Tohoku Univ.’s Festival Theme Song

<Recruitment Period> May 14th-June 30th, 2019

<Application conditions>

1. To be created by Tohoku University students for the Tohoku Univ.’s Festival, and in line with the theme of the Tohoku Univ.’s Festival this year, “Dancing in this mortal life, Living in dreams”.  (About this year’s theme will be described later.)

2. To be suitable for the theme song of Tohoku University Festival.  (Must be a music that does not include radical claims, words or expressions that violate public order and morals.)

3. The music must be within 5 minutes.

4. Perform live performance of the theme song at the opening planning on the day of the Univ.’s Festival.


1. The submitted music will be judged in the committee.  After that, based on the results of the web voting by the general public, the first song will be the theme song.

2. Music may be downloaded for free on the Web, such as the Tohoku University Festival website.

3. It may be used as BGM in the open-air stage of the Tohoku Univ.’s Festival days and T-1 stage, etc. (including candidate songs).

4. Please cooperate to respond properly to the communication from the committee’s members. If you get the first place by voting, you will have the opportunity to consult individually about the day of the performance.

<How to apply>

Please put the sound source, song title, lyrics, jacket image on CD-R and submit it directly to our committee. At that time, please enclose the paper which specified the following points.

1. Group name

2. Name and affiliation of person in charge, contact information (phone number and e-mail address)

3. Music production concepts (such as which point is in line with the Univ.’s Festival theme this year)

In addition, the file format of the music included in the submitted CD-R is limited to wav.  Please submit the image at 400px x 400px.

<About the theme of this year>

The Tohoku Univ.’s Festival, which reached a milestone last year, has been successfully completed and we have a new start this year.

In this year, we build the Tohoku Univ.’s Festival, which has a different expression from usual one where all visitors can spend “dreamy moment” in an “extraordinary space” including the members of Committee, together with the student of Tohoku University and visitors.

Let’s connect to a future university festival where you can create a university festival with full of smiles here by 100 or 200 years at Tohoku University from here, which has made a new start!

If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please contact me as follows.

Tomoya Asakawa, Director of Public Relations Bureau, Festival Committee at Tohoku University

Phone number: 022-795-7849

E-mail address: koukokuwww.festa-tohoku.org