Q &A

Question for visitors

Q. Is there a smoking area? Can I get any alcohol in Festival?

A. It is not allowed to smoke or drink on campus.

Questions for groups that want to join Univ.’s Festival events.


Here, we will post mainly questions groups that want to join our events tend to have.
And more detailed information such as dates and places of each briefing sessions will appear in “information for participants”

Q1. How can we participate in Festival? 
A. Attend the briefing session for participants in June and there will be an explanation so you can check how to join there. We will inform detailed dates and places at “information for participants” as soon as they are decided.

Q2. Where is Univ.’s Festival office? 
A. Walk from Kawauchi station toward Mt. Aoba and you can see it on the way. Please refer to the map below.

Q3. How can we get in touch with Univ.’s Festival office?
A. Please contact us from contact address here.