About our festival

This year, we hold Univ.’s Festival for at Kawauchi-Kita Campus, Tohoku University from
November 2 to November 4. The number of projects is over 200. This is one of the biggest
festivals in the Tohoku area and 41,000 people visited last year. Everybody can enjoy
various projects such as learning projects, refreshment booths, stage projects, and places
of amusement for kids: Ennichi. We hope you will visit Univ.’s Festival on November.

Festival Committee at Tohoku University

We are the group of students managing Univ.’s Festival. There are over 80 student staff

From the chairperson of the group


I’m the chairperson of The 71th Festival Committee at Tohoku University, Ryosuke

What do you think of the students in Tohoku University? Some people may think that the
students are very serious. At our Festival, however, they will look energetic, joining various
projects with their team members of their own clubs proactively. Your image about them will
change at this Festival definitely.

This year, we’re going to improve learning projects about the humanities and projects that
the attendance can join. We hope you will enjoy them.
We are preparing for Univ.’s Festival so that you can have a great time at Tohoku University
on the days. We look forward to seeing you in November.